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"In 2008, I retained AdminBooks to prepare and send monthly invoices to my clients.  Not only does the AdminBooks staff do a better job of producing the invoices than I did, but, by delegating that task, I have freed up a substantial amount of time that I have been able to devote to income-producing activities.  I would not hesitate to recommend AdminBooks to any other professional looking to maximize his or her income-producing potential."

- Marlis McAllister, McAllister Law Group

"I chose AdminBooks because I saw Renee Daggett (the President) present at an event. She is by far one of the best presenters I've ever seen! She makes complex material simple to digest and helps you feel secure and confident about managing your books. Renee is always there to answer questions and provide user-friendly tips and tools to make accounting a breeze! I'm so glad I met her.”

 - Melissa Lamson, Lamson Consulting

"Renee is knowledgeable of QuickBooks and maintaining company books. She is enthusiastic and communicates well. She is a good listener and seeks to solve personal problems you might be having with QuickBooks. She makes a distasteful job an enjoyable one. What a great support!"

- Keoki Williams, Keoki Design

"Renee' has been extremely helpful in our business.  She found the problems with our chart of accounts and invoicing and fixed them so I was ready for the new tax year.  She had a good sense of tax accounting that complimented my CPA.  I plan on contracting Renee each month to have her look over my accounting and will definitely recommend her to my business associates."

- Mike Fiato, Fiato & Associates

"AdminBooks has been an invaluable tool for me and my business to succeed thus far.  Their patience, flexibility, advice and prompt responses to my varied questions and requests has been astounding.  If you want a company that really pays attention to the needs of you and your company, I completely and utterly recommend AdminBooks."

- Anna Cebrian, Illusive Comics and Games, LLC

"In the Fall of 2008 Renee provided great objectivity and small business financial expertise to help me closely analyze my expenses and make conscious decisions about where to cut back or spend more and generally just how to better monitor my company's finances.  She is a pleasure to work with!"

 - Jennifer Berkley, The Insight Advantage

"I am responsible for the finances of several corporations. The task seemed overwhelming. In Renee's pragmatic, gentle way, she helped to simplify and clarify the steps that were needed for each company. Without her help, we were guessing what our financial situation was. She has integrity, is non-judgmental and creative."

- Lori Greymont 408-891-2983

"AdminBooks has provided peace of mind both professionally and personally.  We now have a clear road map to achieve our goals for a secure and stable future."

- Steve and Patty Nation, Investors

"We have never been more satisfied with a key decision as when we partnered with Administrative Bookkeeping in 2005 to handle all our bookkeeping needs. If you're into smooth sailing, then Renee's your girl."

- Robert Canteline, Securetech Fence Systems, Inc.

"Phew!  AdminBooks really came through for me!  Renee and her staff were helpful, clear, and professional as they counseled me, streamlined my books and gave me peace of mind as my tax extension was due.  I will now be able to save more money too due to Renee's tax advice!  Also, I love how everything is electronic and simple.  I highly recommend AdminBooks for your business!"

- Dave Mampel, Daffy Dave

"AdminBooks has been very helpful in taking the burden of my bookkeeping away from me so I can focus on my business. I appreciate Renee and her staff's professionalism and expertise."

- Patty Kasper, P. Kasper & Associates Clinical Research Training & Operations.

"As a business owner, accounting and taxes are not areas that I look forward to; however, those two areas are fundamental for business success. After searching for over a year for an accountant that I could trust, AdminBooks was recommended to me. After our first meeting I knew I wanted to work with AdminBooks because they were very professional and gave a ton of advice. If you want to save time and energy, and avoid the stress of taxes, then AdminBooks is who you're looking for. They are super efficient, to the point and pay attention to the details. I'm so glad I have a trustworthy and reliable accounting team that I can partner with so I don't have to stress and worry every tax season. Instead, I can focus on what I love which is my business."

- Charlena Ortiz, Business Coach

“We start our own businesses because of passion for what we know well, but when our businesses take us out of our comfort zones, we must surround ourselves with the right people.  Partnering with AdminBooks for all my accounting needs, including bookkeeping, taxes and payroll, has allowed me to focus on what I know best; my business, my passion!  Every relationship starts with trust and you can rest assured you are in good hands with the staff at AdminBooks.”

- Eric Pansegrau, JIBASoft, Inc.

"We recently joined AdminBooks and already we feel their services have put us at ease and are getting us back on track. Their whole team's communications and follow through is what gives us the confidence we have.  For once, things are making sense! We are grateful for their teachings as well.  Thank you AdminBooks.  We look forward ahead with peace of mind!"

- Margaret Garza, M & G Pallets

"AdminBooks came in and saved my sanity! I asked if they could look at my QuickBooks and give me an estimate on what it would take for them to organize and balance the accounts. Renee and her staff were quick, thorough and thoughtful. Now every month my books are completed, accurate and I have a team to help me. I am so happy I made the decision to join the team at AdminBooks. God bless you."

- Kathleen

“We love the services from our accountant. They are punctual and always there for us. They are quick to respond when we need something. At the end of the year, going over our books with Renee is extremely helpful.

- Louise & Sarah - The S'Cream Truck

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