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Let's Get You Every Deduction Allowed!


Because AdminBooks is a different kind of accounting firm, your tax experience with us will also be different!


There are 71 million taxpayers in the US, and studies show that 77% of those people believe they benefit from using a professional tax preparer. In fact, it could actually be costing you $1166 to prepare your own return! (cost of software, your time and missed deductions). Click here to see the details.


Tax season usually evokes an array of emotions…fear, anger, dread, confusion…but we take a proactive approach in dealing with your tax situation so there are NO surprises at tax time.  We strive to have a heart of a teacher, explaining what your tax return means in easy to understand terms.   Understanding your tax return gives you options to improve your financial situation.


AdminBooks prepares all types of tax returns:


  • S-Corporation
  • C-Corporation
  • LLC = multi-member or single-member
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Non Profit



The cost of the tax return is based upon the number of forms and schedules required.  Once this cost is determined, we provide you 3 tax packages to choose from where we bundle our services.  Click here to find out more about our tax packages.


NEW CLIENTS: If you are considering using our services for the first time, we will provide you an estimate before we work with you.  Call our office to discuss your specific situation and let’s get acquainted.


Tax Organizers:

AdminBooks provides organizers (a list of yes and no questions) to help you gather all your information.  Think of this document as a checklist.  You can find this online document at the top header of our website.  You can work on it a little at a time, saving your information as you go.  Then, we you are ready, you can submit the answers to us securely online!


Our Unique Technology:

Because AdminBooks is cloud based, we have clients all over the USA.  Using technology to communicate and support our clients in many ways, our clients securely upload their documents to their client portal.  Our tax team reviews documents and begins data entry, asking the client questions during the process.  When it's time to finalize the return, clients can schedule a web-based screen sharing meeting where AdminBooks will review the return line-by-line and answer any questions the client may have.  E-file authorization forms are sent securely through Docusign, and finalized returns are uploaded to the client's secure portal within 3 days of e-filing.



Timing of Documentation:

As you can imagine, the weeks leading up to the tax deadline are very busy for us. We operate on a first-in/first-out basis.  If you give us your information on February 1st, it will probably take 2 weeks to complete.  If you give us your information on February 1st, preparation time can take 1-2 weeks.  If you give us your information on March 1st, we will need a full 3 weeks to complete your return.  If you give us your information on April 1st, we will need to file an extension on your behalf and complete the return after the tax deadline.



Tax Planning & Consulting:

We all like surprises, but not when it comes to tax returns.  Planning ahead gives taxpayers the power to make choices.  With managing withholdings, knowing profits in business, purchasing fixed assets or paying out bonuses, you can control the outcome of your situation.  For the most cost effective solution, we recommend purchasing our Premium Support tax package, which will provide you with quarterly tax check-in meetings and an annual tax projection."  Click here to see more details on our tax packages.


tax preparer

"I have been in business for myself for 10+ years and have always found the Tax part of the business the most confusing.  I have had several CPA's handling my business and had always thought the explanations to certain tax rules and laws was the big black hole.  I was introduced to AdminBooks through a client and the rest is history.  For the very first time I actually understand what is being done and my tax return.  The care to have you online and have all entries explained to you is amazing. I am sold on this service and will shout it from the rooftops...so thank you Renee and staff for all the great work you do!"

- Susan Campisi, Simply Billed

"Within the first five minutes of my consultation with Renee, I knew she was the perfect person to handle my taxes and accounting needs. I felt an immediate connection with her. She answered all my questions and gave me a strong sense of peace. She is a compassionate person with high professional and ethical standards. I feel safe in her capable hands and I highly recommend her!"

- Antoinette

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Your Tax Return…What to Expect

Step 1

Fill out the organizer online & submit to AdminBooks


Step 2

Upload tax documents to client portal (W-2s, 1099s)

For Business Returns, give QuickBooks Online access or upload desktop QB file


Step 3

Tax preparer completes return

Return gets reviewed by 2nd preparer

Takes 1–2 weeks


Step 4

AdminBooks alerts you that the return is done

You choose a tax package:

  • Essentials
  • Full
  • Premium

Step 5


Essentials Clients proceed to Step 6


Full and Premium Clients

AdminBooks schedules screen sharing meeting to review the return with you.  Proceed to Step 6 after review meeting

Step 6

AdminBooks sends you a copy of the return to review and sign electronically


Step 7

Final copy of the return is uploaded to your client portal in 3 days


Are we the best Tax Preparer for you and your business?


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