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"Sadly, my CPA passed away unexpectedly.  Not only did I have 3 outstanding financial issues.  I had unexpected revenue that was throwing off my estimated taxes for the year,  my payroll was behind by 1 month and we also needed to calculate 401K contributions for both personal and business contributions. I immediately went to the Dave Ramsey’s web site and got the best ELP I could have imagined.  Renee Daggett and her team are incredible!  During this emotional time for me Renee understood my situation.  She quickly identified an action plan and put me at ease.  Within 1 week payroll was caught up, payroll taxes were paid, 401K contributions and the estimated taxes were calculated and I was back in business!"

- Brent Eberle - bRecruiting Inc.

"I had no idea I could enjoy working with an accountant. Renee is not only a joy to talk to, she is a wealth of knowledge and is genuinely interested in getting the best outcome for my business and family - not just meeting the deadlines. I have hired someone to do my taxes since 1984, and I have never had anyone walk me through the return line by line, explaining where the numbers came from and what they meant. She and her staff actually enjoyed the challenge of unravelling the books tangled up by another firm. I wish every professional I engage was like Renee and the staff at AdminBooks.  Thanks to you all!"

- Kristin Baier, Persuations eLearning

"Thank you so much Renee and the AdminBooks staff for all the professionalism that you have showed my wife and I over the last several years.  You truly do encompass all the parameters of a successful business-client relationship and beyond. In knowing that you and your staff have educated us with updated information, simplified tax situations and most importantly, you have given us 'peace of mind' with your warm integrity - it's been a true blessing!  So, press on and let others benefit with 'solid business' that you provide like we have enjoyed!  Thank you all once again!"

- Doug and Sylvia

"We were using a friend to do the books for our business.  Mistake!  At the end of the year, we had a binder full of junk and tax time was looming.  We took the entire convoluted pile to AdminBooks and they fixed it - like magic!  They also did our personal return, and fast!  We wound up getting back more from the IRS than ever before.  Now we've been using AdminBooks for several years now.  Renee always provides us with friendly, personalized service and useful advice.  Her effervescent staff is cheerful and knowledgeable; good folks all around.  We would gladly recommend AdminBooks to anyone!  In fact, we just referred somebody last week!!”

- Scott Cofer and Gini Wallace, Dog Duty

"We love Renee and AdminBooks!  They really care about our family and take the time to make sure all our questions get answered.  It's like having a friend do your taxes for you."

- Erin and Steve

"It is truly a pleasure working with AdminBooks. The entire process of completing my tax return was exceptionally thorough and professional. Once my taxes were complete, Renee reviewed all the details with me online — my husband and I could be anywhere and call in. I am confident that my taxes and bookkeeping are in excellent hands with AdminBooks."

 - Wendy Wood, Wendy Wood Graphic Design

"What can I say?  You ladies ROCK!  After several years of using a lousy tax preparer I found the AdminBooks team...they are amazing.  They are highly capable and saved me a lot of money.  The response time to questions is 24 hours or less.  They have a customer for life."

 - Cheryl

"What can I say? AdminBooks is the best! Renee is one of the most accountable, diligent, hardworking tax preparers that I know.  Not only does she offer an ear to our needs, but she offers practical advice based on prior experience with others in our same circumstance. Thanks, Renee, for being a beacon in a sea of tax issues!"

- Tracy Foster Pyke, Tafgraphics Design & Photography Studio


"I like that Renee is high-tech and high-touch. She uses technology to view your return in a web conference while she applies the personal touch over the phone. Renee is more than a form completer, she knows the business and what questions to ask so that she can save you as much as possible this year and the years in the future."

- Ron and Carla

"I've been having Renee do my taxes since 2004. She has always provided personable, professional service in a timely manner. AdminBooks even sends e-mail reminders on the last day of the year to make a note of mileage that may be deductible. Her monthly newsletters are always filled with helpful tips to reduce our tax burden. I can't recommend AdminBooks highly enough!"

- Christine and Vic


"Having a distaste for numbers, I was thrilled to meet Renee and work with her team to minimize my pain points. AdminBooks has helped me become QuickBooks literate and taken the pain out of tax preparation. The professionalism and knowledge from Renee and her team is priceless!"

- Kim, Urbane Concierge

“AdminBooks has an exceptional service delivery model for accounting, tax service and bookkeeping. I feel safe having AdminBooks act as the trustee of financial matters and I am extremely impressed with the immediate follow-up I have received.  Specifically, knowing that Renee is personally involved and has excellent staff that she has hand picked adds to the overall value of AdminBooks.  I highly recommend AdminBooks.”

- Denelle, San Jose Police Foundation

"Renee Daggett at AdminBooks was the right person at the right time when we faced some challenging business tax issues!  She thoroughly reviewed our tax situation and helped to steer us in the right direction." -Cheryl Harman, IP Solutions, Inc.

"Our experience with AdminBooks has been great, both for my corporate needs and my family.  My firm has been growing rapidly and our prior accountant just didn't take the time to reach out to assess changing needs.  In our first meeting, Renee let us know about a change in our tax election that resulted in saving us thousands of dollars that year.  AdminBooks also handles my family's nanny's payroll and filings, which as a mom who is also the CEO of an entrepreneurial firm is worth its weight in gold to have off my task list!  AdminBooks also did our personal taxes, making for a seamless and highly efficient process around tax time.  Renee spent more time in a single call with me than I ever had with our prior firm, and that was just one of many times she invested time in making sure we were planning right and understanding everything along the way. I highly recommend!"

 - Emily Hall, Olive Grove Consulting, LLC

“Recently, I was audited by the Franchise Tax Board that could have cost me potential capital gains taxes. Renee saved me what could have potentially been many hours, if not weeks, of hassle with the FTB. By dealing directly with the FTB in a knowledgeable and professional manner, she quickly and efficiently resolved the issue, resulting in no change to my tax obligation. I am exceedingly grateful to have AdminBooks as my personal tax preparer and consultant.”

- Bob

"I was desperate to get several years’ worth of tax returns amended.  Renee and her staff's response to my urgent situation was awesome.  They completed the amendments under a very tight deadline.  And they found I was due a significant refund, as well.  Their thoroughness, too, was incredible.  In the final outcome, they will have saved me many tens of thousands of dollars."

- Dan

"We suddenly found ourselves looking for a new tax preparer and were delighted to find Renee and AdminBooks. She offered us several ways to get our data to her including email vault (very secure!) and when she finished our returns, she made an appointment for us to go over the return remotely in front of our computer and she detailed every line item, explaining everything. It was wonderful and incredibly professional. Thanks, AdminBooks!"

 - Leane and Mike Reelfs, Helmings Auto Repair, Inc.

“I was referred to Renee to handle my taxes and I am glad I went with her. She explained everything in great detail and helped me to understand the mess. She is caring, honest, and a true professional.  I fully recommend AdminBooks and I will continue to use her services."

- Edgar Jacinto, SOLID CONNECTIONS Audio/Video Install Services

"I recently had the pleasure of hiring Renee Daggett at AdminBooks to prepare my personal and small business taxes, which have both reached the point of complexity beyond my desire to deal with. Renee completed them quickly and completely, finding issues that I had not been aware of, which was a great relief. I highly recommend Renee to both individuals and business owners."

- Laurel Standley, Clear Current, LLC

"I was so confused about taxes when I became a freelance web designer. I was also ashamed that I didn't know what records I needed to keep or what write-offs I could take. Then a friend recommended Renee. She is so patient and answers all my questions with very specific clear answers and never makes me feel stupid or that she doesn't have time for me. I also love that I can do everything online and paperless. Each year I get more organized and feel less of a panic when tax time comes because of Renee's confident guidance. What a relief!"

- Jennifer

"We have been working with AdminBooks since 2011 and it has been such a peace of mind during the tax season when it used to be full of frustration and confusion!  AdminBooks takes the time to explain exactly what our tax filing means and works with us on strategies to ensure our business is aware of all the small business tax benefits. With AdminBooks being virtual, it's easy for my business partner and I to review our tax return with a web-hosted meeting which works well with all our schedules.  Not only do we work with AdminBooks for our small business, we also work with them for our personal tax returns! Everyone at AdminBooks is a joy to work with and extremely professional, we will continue to refer others for all tax preparation needs!"

- Joyce Brack & Andi Hansen, Just In Time Solutions, Inc.

"Thank you AdminBooks for taking away much of my stress around finances! I had been putting off doing my taxes until the last minute because it just overwhelmed me and all my focus was on building my new business. You have helped me turn a new leaf and I feel so much relief knowing I have a dependable, super knowledgeable, and friendly team on my side. AdminBooks rocks!"

- Sarah  Be Zen Solutions

"I am so happy to have found you and your firm. We had a difficult return to get done and you did a great job. You and your staff took the time to explain everything and made me feel that no question was a stupid one. I look forward to next year's return and working with you in the future."

- Jana and Matt Trost, Trost Jacking & Heavy Moving

"I chose to do my taxes with AdminBooks because Renee is a woman of Godly character and integrity. I know that she does her best to represent me and the Lord. She always goes out of her way to make sure she is covering every aspect so that I get the most of my tax return. This year my refund doubled!!!" Thanks Renee!

- Melody P.

"I have had a corporation for several years but did not have a clue what I was doing as to running it.  I contacted Renee and she assured me that AdminBooks would be able to get me on track with my corporation as well as my concerns for keeping my books. She has walked me through the basics of Quickbooks and now my business is running a lot smoother and saving much time and time is money.  Also, I am paying less in taxes and I have peace of mind and confidence knowing my business is in professional hands."

 - Steve Houghton, First Team Consulting, Inc.

“I wanted to extend my thank you for working on my taxes and taking the time to discuss it with me today. Your structured approach and step-by-step process has helped me better understand the tax system. You made me feel like I am your only customer and knew my taxes inside and out. I am happy you are a part of my team and hope to work with you in 2014 and many years to come. As a small business - you may find random email questions from me, but I hope you work with me until the foundation is set and we are building columns!” Thank you!

 - Sharif Kayum

"After years with another tax firm I made the switch to AdminBooks.  They get it done fast and they get it done right. They find places for me to save and guide me to make solid tax decisions.  I would highly recommend using them."

– Eric

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