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The performance of your company and its bookkeeping are directly linked to your tax return. Your financial statements let you know how your business is doing and your tax return reveals your deductions.  If you are making important decisions with bad information, you are “flying by the seat of your pants.” 

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                    Testimony for Bookkeeping  

"I have known and worked with Renee Daggett and her company, Admin Books, Inc., since 2006. In all of that time I have observed Renee to be friendly and personable while remaining professional. Renee has a zest and passion for life and new experiences. She is always expanding her horizons and learning something new. She has helped me with my bookkeeping and especially with my Quickbooks since shortly after I met her. There has never been a question about bookkeeping or about Quickbooks that she could not answer. Renee screens her employees carefully and I have had the positive experience of working with several of them. All of them reflect the very best standard of service that Renee herself typifies. Her and her employees take what looks difficult and complicated to me and make it simple and manageable and a lot quicker than I ever could. It’s not often that I take up my valuable time for something like this, but I feel that Renee and her company have earned the right to a testimonial for their ability, willing assistance and integrity. It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial to Renee and I would be more than willing to recommend her services to other businesspersons." -Ross Jernigan, Astute Investigations


Financial Management

A client came to us frustrated with the management of his 2 companies.  In his gut, he knew that the economy was affecting his profits, but he was lost on how.  Admin Books provided a monthly review of his financial statements.  With this review, we coach the owner around different financial aspects of his business.  First, we looked at his income trends and review how the client can offer additional income streams.  We look at budgets and where there is overspending, focusing on 3 categories.  We drill down on labor and material costs to check and improve profit margins.  One company was making money and the other was losing money.  Admin Books looked at financial strategies to reduce tax liability and get every deduction allowed.  Do you understand what your financial statements are saying to you?  Can you rely on them to project the health of your company?

        Testimony for Tax Returns   

Sadly, my CPA passed away unexpectedly.  Not only did I have 3 outstanding financial issues.  I had unexpected revenue that was throwing off my estimated taxes for the year,  my payroll was behind by 1 month and we also needed to calculate 401K contributions for both personal and business contributions. I immediately went to the Dave Ramsey’s web site and got the best ELP I could have imagined.  Renee Daggett and her team are incredible!  During this emotional time for me Renee understood my situation.  She quickly identified an action plan and put me at ease.  Within 1 week payroll was caught up, payroll taxes were paid, 401K contributions and the estimated taxes were calculated and I was back in business!  Brent Eberle - bRecruiting Inc.


• SOLVE your cash flow issues

• Be CONFIDENT you are getting every tax deduction allowed

• Know how much REVENUE you need to cover your operating expenses

• Have KNOWLEDGE about your tax situation and reducing your tax liability

• Increase PROFITS; no more running at a loss or breaking even

• Be AWARE about what you can expect at tax time - no surprises

• RELY on your financial statements

• Know how to AVOID red flags on your taxes and reduce the odds of IRS audit

• IDENTIFY your top 10 clients


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