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The performance of your company and its bookkeeping are directly linked to your tax return. Your financial statements let you know how your business is doing and your tax return reveals your deductions.  If you are making important decisions with bad information, you are “flying by the seat of your pants.” 


August is here!

We hope you've been enjoying the summer with your family and friends!  What has been the BEST thing you've done this summer?   Some of your children and/or teenagers are probably getting ready to go back to school this month.  This is a GREAT time to teach them about BUDGETING! If you are planning on doing back to school shopping with them, we recommend you make a list of school necessities together, give them a spending limit and then show them how far they can stretch that dollar. 


Testimony for Bookkeeping

"I am responsible for the finances of several corporations. The task seemed overwhelming. In Renee's pragmatic, gentle way, she helped to simplify and clarify the steps that were needed for each company. Without her help, we were guessing what our financial situation was. She has integrity, is non-judgmental and creative." - Lori Greymont 408-891-2983


Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

In April, our client made a large deposit of $9800 to their bank.  In May, Admin Books reconciled the bank account and noticed that the deposit was not on the bank statement.  We alerted the client immediately and they contacted the bank.  Even though the client wrote the correct account number on the deposit slip, the bank transposed the account number resulting in someone else getting the money. Because Admin Books reconciles the account monthly, the client received the money due them.  Do you reconcile your accounts promptly?  Would the system you have now in place catch this error?


Testimony for Tax Returns

“AdminBooks has an exceptional service delivery model for accounting, tax service and bookkeeping. I feel safe having AdminBooks act as the trustee of financial matters and I am extremely impressed with the immediate follow-up I have received.  Specifically, knowing that Renee is personally involved and has excellent staff that she has hand picked adds to the overall value of AdminBooks.  I highly recommend AdminBooks.” - Denelle, San Jose Police Foundation


• SOLVE your cash flow issues

• Be CONFIDENT you are getting every tax deduction allowed

• Know how much REVENUE you need to cover your operating expenses

• Have KNOWLEDGE about your tax situation and reducing your tax liability

• Increase PROFITS; no more running at a loss or breaking even

• Be AWARE about what you can expect at tax time - no surprises

• RELY on your financial statements

• Know how to AVOID red flags on your taxes and reduce the odds of IRS audit

• IDENTIFY your top 10 clients

• Be PROACTIVE with your tax planning

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